Registration for Thursday, September 15 Belmont Prairie Wildflower Walk

The Belmont Prairie walk on Thursday, 9/15/2022, has two remaining places available due last minute cancellations.

  A tuberosa  E yuccifolium   H angustifolius    
(Asclepias tuberosa)
& Scurfy Pea
(Psoralidium tenuiflorum)

 Rattlesnake Master
(Erynigum yuccifoliium)

  & Pale Purple Coneflower
(Echinacea Pallida)

Gray-headed Coneflower
   (Ratibida pinnata) &
American Painted Lady
(Vanessa virginiensis)

Lance Herning will lead one group of walkers departing at 9:00 AM. The group will be limited to about 10 walkers and should plan to walk for about 1 hour.  Please register the number of walkers in your party, your name and email address using the link to our EventBrite page that is provided below.  A few days before September 15, we will send you an email reminder about your scheduled wildflower walk. 


Sign up on wait list now 
  for the 9:00 AM departure
of Thursday, September 15
  wildflower walk
in Belmont Prairie
(Overflow walk, September 16)

Please click here to register on our EventBrite page.

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