Benches Honoring Betty Cheever & the Late Wally Brown
Installed in Lyman Woods Preserve

Locations of Benches
Community leaders Betty M. Cheever and Wallace H. (Wally) Brown (June 16, 1928 - April 23, 2019) now have benches dedicated to them installed in the Lyman Woods Preserve. One bench is near the floating dock on the south trail and the other is next to the Crossroads of Ecosystems interpretive sign near the highland meadow.  The floating dock is a key location for educational programs and seems an appropriate place to honor the late Wally Brown's enthusiasm for involvement of young persons with Lyman Woods and other DuPage County Forest Preserves.  The Crossroads of Ecosystems gives a good overview of the significance of this particular preserve and seems an appropriate place to honor Betty Cheever's recognition of the importance of this preserve.

This project honoring Betty Cheever and Wally Brown was organized by Pierce Downer's Heritage Alliance and included a
dedication event that took place on Sunday, May 21, 2017 at the Lyman Woods Interpretative Center.  Many friends, family members and community leaders came to talk about Wally's and Betty's accomplishments and to wish them well.

Presenting Wally's Plaque

      Map of Lyman Woods Preserve

Lyle & Betty Cheever with LWV Members

Wally Brown received his plaque from
PDHA Chair Ken Lerner while his son
David and Betty Cheever looked on.


Lyle and Betty Cheever               
posed with members of the            
League of Women Voters of           
Downers Grove, Woodridge & Lisle.  

May 21 Celebration

Here are some of the community leaders who came to celebrate with Wally and Betty.
Front row: Wally Brown, Betty Cheever, Hilary Denk, Ken Lerner,
Back row: Joe Cantore & his son, Bob Gelwicks, Nicole Walus,
David Olsen, Liz Chaplin, Martin Tully, Gordon Goodman.

Wally's PlaqueBetty's Plaque

Site of Wally Brown's Bench
Site of Betty Cheever's Bench

Many organizations and individuals have supported honoring Betty and Wally in this way.  Pierce Downer's Heritage Alliance has been joined by the Grove Foundation for Recreation, The Conservation Foundation, the League of Women Voters of Downers Grove, Woodridge, & Lisle, and the Downers Grove Downtown Management Corporation, along with the following individuals: Gregory Beggs, James Cavallo, Gordon Goodman, Irene Hogstrom & Mark Bragen, Gemma & Tim Johnson, Ken Lerner, Linda Painter, Nancy Peraino, Marilyn Schnell, and Martin Tully.