Friends Of The Edwards House Wins
Driehaus Foundation Preservation Award

Friends Of The Edwards House (FOEH) received the 2017 Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Preservation Award for Project of the Year for Advocacy on Saturday, September 16, 2017.  Please click here for photos from that Landmarks Illinois awards ceremony.
FOEH Driehaus Award
Landmarks Illinois President Bonnie McDonald's letter annoucing the award states, in part, "Our annual awards program honors innovative preservation projects, dedicated organizations, and uplifting success stories from across the state. Congratulations for standing out as a strong nomination in what was a very competitive pool of nominees. ... Landmarks Illinois wishes to thank you for demonstrating a commitment and for helping to protect architectural resources in Illinois."
Commenting on behalf of the group Rich Kulovany, FOEH Chair, said, "In addition to our team, there are many people to thank, but I would like to start by thanking Ken for nominating us (two years in a row) and Mayor Martin Tully, State Representative David Olsen and Architect Douglas Gilbert for writing endorsements. Most importantly, the accomplishments we have achieved in this short time could not have been possible without the leadership and wonderful cooperation from the Village of Downers Grove."

Downers Grove Attendees at Driehaus Award Ceremony

Please click here to read about the Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Preservation Awards on the Landmarks Illinois website.