to people who had donated to help save the Edwards House
from Ken Lerner, Chairman, Pierce Downer's Heritage Alliance

May 8, 2015 –
Dear Friend:

   Thank you for your generous donation to Pierce Downer's Heritage Alliance to help preserve the Edwards House in Downers Grove.  Unfortunately our efforts were unsuccessful and village officials are currently preparing to issue a demolition permit for this building.   After this devastating experience, many of us do continue to work on improving the preservation climate in our community.

   Because your contribution can not be used as you had originally intended, I am writing now to learn what you would like us to do with your donation.  Some possibilities for you to consider are listed below.
1. Tell us to retain your tax-deductible contribution for use in educational and advocacy
     programs of Pierce Downer's Heritage Alliance.
2. Tell us to pass on your tax-deductible contribution to another preservation oriented
     nonprofit group, such as the following ones:
     a. Downers Grove Heritage Preservation Corporation (1846 Blodgett House group)
     b. Downers Grove Historical Society
     c. Landmarks Illinois
     d. National Trust for Historic Preservation
3. Tell us to refund your contribution to you. (We would just deduct any PayPal processing
4. Tell us some different disposition for your contribution that you would prefer.

    The Internal Revenue Service recognizes each of the foregoing organizations as a charity that can accept tax-deductible contributions. You can learn more about their activities by using the links provided above.

   Please tell us what you want us now do with the donation that you made to help preserve the Edwards House.  We hope to hear from you before the end of May 2015.  Thanks again for your help to preserve our community's historic resources.

   Best wishes,

Ken Lerner,
Chairman, Pierce Downer's Heritage Alliance