to People Who Supported Preserving the Edwards House

from Ken Lerner, Chairman,
Pierce Downer's Heritage Alliance

May 1, 2015 –

The Edwards house is being dismantled for salvage before demolition.  After much effort and so much community support, it is a sad and frustrating outcome.  We thank the Tillotson/Wast family for their valiant efforts at saving the house.  Their message on the PDHA website mentions some of the many people who were involved in the effort to save the house over the last year. Tom Nybo in particular was a consistent spark and driving force, while Mike Behm contributed vital business planning expertise.
As we go forward, PDHA has two things in particular to do.  First, we received a number of very generous donations to support efforts to save the house.  We will be contacting the donors soon to ask what they would like us to do with those funds – we can return them, accept them to support other PDHA activities, or pass them through to another historic preservation organization such as Landmarks Illinois.
Second, we will continue to monitor and contribute to the Village’s process of reviewing our historic preservation program, planning, and zoning to apply the lessons learned during this painful process.  It seems clear that our legal tools for preservation and land use planning need sharpening; determining what to do is ongoing and we will provide input to village staff,  appropriate boards and commissions, and the village council to advocate for policies to preserve and enhance our cultural and architectural heritage.
Thanks to all who have showed their support through emails, calls, likes, contributions, volunteer efforts, letters to Council, and in all other ways.

– Ken Lerner