BlodgettHouse_5-1-10 Can you find this house in Downers Grove? Why is it important? (Answer Below)
Answer : The Blodgett Family's second home in Downers Grove was built on the property where the current historical museum now sits. This house was built around 1846 and was moved to 812 Randall Street, most likely in 1890 when Charles Blodgett decided to build the larger and grander house that is current home for the Downers Grove Historical Museum. That new Victorian style Blodgett House was completed around 1892.
   The 1846 Blodgett house is now the fourth oldest house in the Village after the Orange Lyman House and the Henry Carpenter House both located on Maple Avenue and the Pierce Downer House at 4437 Seeley Avenue.
    In 2008 this 1846 Blodgett House was acquired by the Downers Grove Heritage Preservation Corporation and moved onto the Historical Museum Campus, adjacent to its original location on Maple Avenue. 
Community volunteers have restored and renovated the 1846 Blodgett House to make it suitable as a gift to the community for the Park District to own and operate as a public museum.
   Please visit the 1846 Blodgett House ... on the Move Internet site for current information about this significant preservation effort.

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